Easily Thin

Self-Love. Self-Compassion. Peace. Happiness. It’s all connected. :-)

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What is this yoga pose called?
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Choreography Struggles

Any dancers have tips on learning choreographies faster? I just did 1/2 of this belly dance fusion class but could not get through the 2nd half (the choreography portion) because I couldn’t keep up with the pace. So I kept at it for a while and decided to stop for now (but keep doing this same choreo until I learn it) so I don’t get totally burnt out…

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good clean food


People shouldn’t be shamed for what they eat

Wanna eat meat? That’s okay

Wanna not eat meat? That’s okay

Wanna not eat anything the comes from animals at all? That’s okay

People shouldn’t be ashamed of what they eat, unless it’s people. Don’t eat people.

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